Has your Listing expired?


Okay...you've had your home on the market for 6 months or a year and it has not sold! Why? You had many people come through your home, express positive feedback, but then go on to purchase another home!


  • The top reason a property doesn't sell is because you want more for it than a buyer is willing to pay. This has been proven over and over again by the statistics comparing asking price vs. selling price. What happens is that the asking price keeps decreasing until the property is sold. Your property is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.
  • Another reason a property doesn't sell has to do with the principle of supply and demand. Our local market has a large inventory of homes for sale. The buyers are lucky that they have a lot of homes to choose from. Your property will be competing with many other homes for qualified buyers that are ready to purchase.
  • When selling a home, there are some factors that are beyond our control (location, square footage, amenities) and some factors that we do have control over (appearance, price, marketing strategy). The focus must be on what we do have control over....the appearance of the property inside and out; how aggressively we market the property; and the price including terms and contingencies.
  • It may be time to try a new approach and marketing strategy to sell your home. A fresh pair of eyes with a lot of experience in your neighborhood who can advise you on the "controllable" aspects of the process will result in a sale that you are happy with!